If you’ve looked for a new lately, chances are you’ve seen the word “” used to describe some models.

750. 1.25 Hours Continuous 1 Week Daily Use. G2X . LED. 320.

P1R Peacekeeper, Dual-Output LED with anodized aluminum

You also be having second thoughts about purchasing a , but trust me; a is a must for you. Klarus Upgraded XT11GT SUPER BUNDLE w/ XT11GT … Klarus Upgraded XT11GT WEAPON BUNDLE w/ LED …

Fenix TK20R Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight – Fenix …

INOVA® T4R® Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight – 850 Lumens

LED Flashlight – Cree, Rechargeable, Red, Bulbs | eBay