GTF 500PCS Battery 3.7V mAh Li-ion Cell Battery For Torch Batteries.

Product – 8 pcs Universal 3.7V mAh Lithium Batteries Tip Main Batery Cell For Torch Camera. Clearance.

4Pcs 3.7V mah Li-ion Battery For LED Torch Hot.

2 pcs GTF mah high drain battery, battery with re/discharging protestion circuit. Safe and environmental friendly,no memory effect. Suitable for Torch or other device fit battery.

ICOCO Tomorrow. Description. 3.7V mAh Capacity Li-ion Battery for Torch TW HAPPY SHOPPING!!! Discharge rate, no ;memory effect;. Low reoccurring operation cist, Short -circuit and over-current protection. 18650 rechargeable flashlight