Features: 100% brand new 3.7V Li-ion mAh battery. Perfect for , Rc toy or electronic gadgets 100% QC of every battery.

4pcs 3.7V mAh Li-ion Battery + Charger For NR.

battery with re/discharging protestion circuit Low reoccurring operation cist, Short -circuit and over-current protection Safe and environmental friendly Perfect for or electronic gadgets Keep in a dry and cool place. Specifications: Model: Capacity: mah Voltage…

4pcs 3.7V mAh Li-ion Battery + EU Charger Indicator ZIg.

knoxville, 3.7V, USB, Car, Hard, Heavy, battery, type, , with, Torch. 2pcs 3.7V mah Li-ion Battery For LED Torch SL 7 out of 10 based on 20 ratings. 18650 rechargeable flashlight

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